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Dr Cristian Surubaru in Romania as an expert for a second European Commission consultancy project

2 October 2023
Last week, Dr Neculai-Cristian Surubaru (The Business School at Edinburgh Napier) was is in Romania, conducting fieldwork as part of a second consultancy project on behalf of the European Commission. ...

Dr Kulpa lunches project: ‘RESIST. Fostering Queer Feminist Intersectional Resistances against Transnational Anti-Gender Politics’

30 September 2022
Dr Roberto Kulpa with colleagues form 9 European organisations launches “Fostering Queer Feminist Intersectional Resistances against Transnational Anti-Gender Politics (RESIST)” research consortium ai...

Academics moot making GLC execs’ pay public by law

31 October 2018
The assistant director of the International Centre for Management & Governance Research (ICMGR), Dr Marizah Minhat, and Associate Professor Nazam Dzolkarnaini are undertaking a research collaboration ...

Lord Sheikh Represents APPGIF at Edinburgh Forum

25 September 2018
Lord Sheikh, a co-chair of the UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance (APPGIF), visited Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September 2018 to participate in the ‘Ethical Finance & Community Develop...

Dr. Simon Powers is invited as the keynote speaker at the Second International Workshop of Social Learning and Cultural Evolution

26 August 2017
Simon Powers will give the keynote talk at the Second International Workshop of Social Learning and Cultural Evolution, part of the European Conference on Artificial Life held in Lyon, France, 4th Sep...

Financing the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

23 August 2017
A research project was launched to explore financing issues in relation to BRI. In collaboration with international researchers, this research is led by Dr Marizah Minhat, the Assistant Director of th...

Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking, Risk-Sharing and One Belt One Road

19 July 2017
Dr Marizah Minhat and Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini were invited by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) to deliver a talk to TMA members and market participants on “Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking...

Perspectives on ethical finance and investment

18 May 2017
IMS member, Dr Marizah Minhat, Assistant Director of ICMGR, recently led an event on ethical finance and investment; here she reflects on its findings.

Dr Jason Monios wins funding to study climate change adaptation at ports

18 April 2017
TRI's Dr Jason Monios is part of a consortium that was successful in a funding application to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Led by Professor Adolf Ng at the Un...

New Edinburgh centre will develop Business School research projects

23 November 2016
The International Centre for Management and Governance Research (ICMGR) aims to bring together academic and professional knowledge on international management and governance. The Centre’s Director, P...