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A tool for generating synthetic data

Conference Proceeding
Peng, T., & Telle, A. (2018)
A tool for generating synthetic data. In DATA '18 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Data Science, E-learning and Information Systems
It is popular to use real-world data to evaluate data mining techniques. However, there are some disadvantages to use real-world data for such purposes. Firstly, real-world da...

An approach to using a laser pointer as a mouse

Conference Proceeding
Aizeboje, J., & Peng, T. (2015)
An approach to using a laser pointer as a mouse. In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems Volume 2, (543-552).
Modern technologies have evolved to present different ways users can interact with computers. Nowadays, computers and projectors are commonly used in teaching and presentation...

Dimensional analysis based causal ordering

Conference Proceeding
Shen, Q., Peng, T., & Milne, R. (1998)
Dimensional analysis based causal ordering. In Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning, 193-202
This paper presents a novel approach for generating causal dependencies between system variables, from an acausal description of the system behaviour, and for identifying the ...

A discrete formalism for reasoning about action and change

Conference Proceeding
Knight, B., Ma, J., & Peng, T. (1996)
A discrete formalism for reasoning about action and change. In R. Adey, G. Rzevski, & R. Teti (Eds.), Applications of artificial intelligence in engineering XIIdoi:10.2495/AI970101
No abstract available.