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Mapping Capacities for a Community Policing of Cybercrime and Digital Harm

2021 - 2022
Research exploring cybercrime policing has tended to focus on specialist policing units on the one hand (Harkin, Whelan and Change, 2018), and on the inherent limits of public policing organisations o...
Funder: Scottish Institute for Policing Research | Value: £19,709

Going AFK: interrogating the viability of desistance theorising for narratives of cyber-dependent criminal careers

2021 - 2022
This project brings together two of the Co-Investigators’ fields of criminological research: desistance research and cybercrime. These areas currently exist in relative isolation to each other but off...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £9,321

Policing a Crisis: A narrative account of pandemic policing, technological opportunities and ethical challenges

2020 - 2025
This PhD Studentship will employ narrative inquiry to map the technological opportunities and ethical challenges faced by Police Scotland when responding to the Pandemic. By inviting frontline officer...
Funder: Scottish Institute for Policing Research | Value: £31,144

Scoping Seven Nations: Exploring International Assessments and Successes in Third Sector Cyber Maturity and Resilience

2020 - 2020
The project will explore whether, how, and with what results, a number of selected nations assess the cyber maturity of the cyber resilience of their respective voluntary/third sectors. Where relevant...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £5,000

Cyber Security and the Third Sector in Scotland: a Pilot Project exploring Third Sector awareness and usage of Scottish Government cyber security products and resources

2020 - 2020
The project aims to better understand how the Scottish Government’s cyber products, resources and support more generally are received by a small sample of differing Third Sector organisations. In doin...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £2,780