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Affordable and sustainable green homes for underprivileged people in Africa.

2022 - 2023
A product service innovation providing affordable, fast, modular & sustainable construction technology using a new-age construction material "Composite Paper Honeycomb Panel”. The panel has two compo...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £19,923

Stoane Lighting KTP

2022 - 2024
The overall aim of this project is to develop a world-first Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach focused on the lighting industry Within the Lighting sector there is a growing focus around the key them...
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £170,688

Phase I: Innovation and commercialisation of homegrown wood fibre insulation

2021 - 2022
A project that seeks to outline the innovation and commercial use of natural fibre insulation products in the UK. It will be based on a gap analysis of products that are currently available from natu...
Funder: Scottish Forestry | Value: £37,961

Methane-derived carbon in upland stream food webs

2020 - 2024
The project is a SUPER-DTP funded PhD studentship. The work will focus on the understanding of the processes involved in, and the significance of, the incorporation of methane as a carbon source via m...
Funder: Natural Environment Research Council | Value: £56,548

SHELTERs: Sustainable Homes Enabling the Long Term Empowerment of Refugees

2020 - 2024
This project addresses this major moral, humanitarian, and knowledge gap by following on from a highly successful seed-funded project, which developed—through participatory design and interdisciplinar...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £314,324

Research informed teaching of sustainable development in South Africa: The case of 'Local' Building Materials and their Environmental impacts

2019 - 2023
The study examines the properties and benefits of selected local materials (such as clay and recycled elements) and whether their use as construction materials enhances environmental protection. The r...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £10,000

CupClean - fast coffee cup cleaner

2019 - 2019
This project is to assist in the research of cleaning coffee cups to a standard acceptable for public use. The research will be used in the development of a product that can be installed in office sp...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,958

Circular design of emergency sheltering for Africa: a holistic approach

2018 - 2019
Africa is the continent with the highest number of displaced people due to wars, humanitarian crises, resource scarcity, and extreme climate events. Emergency sheltering always sets out with the best ...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £38,887

Energystore Interface Voucher

2018 - 2018
To investigate and develop EPS bead insulation infill for thermal-acoustic compatibility on separating walls
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £6,800

Informational Database for Sustainable and Energy Efficient materials in sub-Saharan Africa

2018 - 2019
The population in Africa is growing rapidly, and thus the urbanization is accelerated. The need for detailed information on the performance of materials is a crucial part of the decision-making proces...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering