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Isolation & Characterisation of Solventogenic Clostridial Strains from Sustainable Feedstock

2019 - 2021
The project will be working in collaboration with the industrial partner (Celtic Renewables LTD) to isolate strains of solvent producing clostridia from sustainable environmental samples which have po...
Funder: University of Stratchlyde (Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre) | Value: £49,999

Isolation of industrial strains from spent grain used for whisky production residues

2018 - 2018
The aim of the project would be to determine if an ABE-producing clostridium strain could be isolated from these novel drinks industry by-products
Funder: FoodWasteNet | Value: £9,772

Merry-go-round: Draff pretreatments using fermentation-derived solvents

2017 - 2018
The worldwide success of the Whisky Industry provides a considerable supply of biomass-derived waste streams for future use. Sustainable valorisation of these streams will drive additional economic gr...
Funder: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council | Value: £12,300

IBioIC CORE- Fermentation of waste derived sugars to produce butanol, ethanol, succinic acid and protein

2017 - 2018
This project aims to investigate the first phase to manufacture chemicals from starch waste, namely acetone, butanol, ethanol, succinic acid and/or D-amino acid oxidase. Edinburgh Napier University (E...
Funder: University of Stratchlyde (Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre) | Value: £109,250

Soft fruit waste valorisation project

2016 - 2016
Soft fruit waste valorisation project
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £45,275

ABE Fermentation of Waste Paper

2014 - 2015
The objective is to assess the technical and commercial potential to use waste and recycled paper as a feedstock for ABE fermentation.
Funder: Zero Waste Scotland | Value: £77,838